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Freeware for Windows

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Pathways Planner Suite

Pathways Icon Our featured product is the Pathways Planner, which is a suite of tools that uses goal-oriented planning for budget management, financial planning, tracking investments, time management, academic planning, and project mangement. It supports a methodology of rational decision making, involving identifying alternatves and evaluating them. It also includes useful accessories including a handy filer, idea for the day, person and address book, financial calculator, and an "advisor" expert system.

The newest release, Pathways V6.0 was released in May 2023 and is available free for download and personal use.

NewWorld Simulation

NewWorld icon The NewWorld software software simulates the long term effect on populations of various behaviors including various degrees of conservation (or the lack thereof) as well as cheating, warring, peaceful solidarity, and generosity.

Slideshow Bob

Slideshow Bob Icon Slideshow Bob is a simple freeware picture viewer that will play JPEG photos in sequence. It lets you turn your Windows computer or tablet into a Digital Picture Frame.

For each photo, it will also play an associated WAV sound file, if present. Slideshow Bob will run without being installed, so you can put it and your photos on a memory stick, to be played on any computer that runs Windows. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 95 (from 1995) right up to Windows 11 (current version in 2023).

We present no screenshot, as your photos are the screenshot! When run, a dialog box appears where you pick the folder that contains your photos. After the first photo appears, press spacebar to advance to the next photo, or press the F1 key to access the slideshow playing options.

Live Web tidbits

Here are some simple Freelance Wizards apps created for our customers using Javascript, so they will play right in your web browser. These are available to the public, so just click to go to their web page:

Countdown Timer

Countdown timer shows minutes and seconds counting down to zero, useful to display on a large monitor when you have an important meeting and limited time!

Bumper Cars

Tiny game image. Bumper Cars
simulation game of bumper cars.