Free Registration for Pathways

Each time you start Pathways, it will display a panel inviting you to register it. After registration, you will get a free license key that makes that notification disappear, so that you don't have to bypass it each time you start the program.

If you like the free software, please be sure to register it. That's pretty much the only way the author of the software will know if people are using it, and what is their impression of it. Without that feedback, it becomes very discouraging to the author and less and less likely that further new releases and improvements will be forthcoming.

IMPORTANT: The information you enter is used only for feedback purposes. It is not shared with any organization outside of Freelance Wizards. For more details, refer to our privacy information.

Your place of residence:

System on which Pathways is installed:

How often have you used Pathways?

Please tell us what you use pathways for (check as many as apply):
Setting goals
Evaluating alternatives
Expenditure tracking
Planning to-do activities
Scheduling of activities
Finding phones or addresses