SlideShow Bob Download

Slideshow Bob is downloaded as a self-decompressing ZIP archive, called SlideShowBobV1R3.EXE. It contains the SlideShow Bob program itself and some ".DLL" files that it uses. You will download SlideSHowBobV1R3.EXE and then run it to decompress the files.

To copy SlideShowBobV1R3.EXE to your PC, click here.

When you copy the file to your PC, you may place it in any folder of your choice. After you copy the file, find it with "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" or "File Explorer" and double-click the filename to run it. Instructions will appear on your screen to complete the unzipping process.

Subsequently you will be able to use the software by running "SlideSho.exe".

When you are finished downloading, please close this browser window.